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Flash Fall SALE & Our First Blog Post!

by Rick Davies September 30, 2016

Does the world need another f@*#$^g blog? Pardon our french, but we can all handle it, right? Afterall, ver-mont (green-mountain) is derived from the french language. Up Mountain Switchel wasn't built on being proper. We were built on being real, resourceful, and using common sense. And how much have we really built? Well, we've built a lot. After starting in our Vermont farmer's market, we now sell in 14 states and have been able to cut our price in half!

But we still have a lot of work to do- both for our company goal of providing a healthy affordable beverage option for all, and, so that those of us who have decided to dedicate ourselves to reviving Switchel for the masses can continue on. A blog may help! Our goal is to just write. Thats what we've been told. Just write. Be True, and just write.

So we will do that. We will be true, and just write… and keep you posted on any sales, updates, and events of course! (LIKE OUR CURRENT FLASH FALL SALE. 15% DISCOUNT ON ONLINE ODERS for 5 more days! enter promo code: "flashfall" at checkout). So stay tuned for posts about the beverage and food industry, Up Mountain culture, switchel history, why this is all relevant in today's world, fun, travel, health, etc. We really hope you will enjoy. Don't hesitate to drop us a line and tell us what you'd like to read about.


Rick Davies
Rick Davies