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Up Mountain Switchel

Cayenne Switchel 16oz

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We use fresh whole ginger root and add organic cayenne pepper creating a well balanced switchel with some heat! Cayenne has been used for both food and medicine for the last 9,000 years due to its multiple health benefits; it’s a powerful little pepper that awakens vitality – Switchel with a cleansing kick!

"My favorite is Up Mountain's Cayenne Switchel because it is spicy! Spice represents culture to me. Every time I have a sip, it takes me back to Mexico, Perú, Spain, Israel, Portugal... all of those places make me smile and they all use strong spices - like cayenne! I feel full of energy after drinking it, especially when I drink it with mezcal which makes it extra spicy but with a smooth smoky-sweet feel. When it’s cold outside, I make a ‘hot daddy’- Heat up cayenne Switchel and add Mezcal!" 

– Daniela Soto-Innes, Head Chef, COSME & ATLA, NYC.
   James Beard Award winner for Rising Star Chef of the Year 2017.

Daniela was awarded the James Beard in 2016, and her official title is Chef -Partner of Cosme & Atla. Yesterday, she was awarded NYC 2017 chef of the year by Thrillist. (They mention Switchel in paragraph 2!)