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Up Mountain Switchel

Yerba Maté Switchel 16oz

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Yerba Maté is an energizing and nourishing tree leaf from the Holly tree in the South American Rainforest. Farmers in South America use Yerba Maté the same way farmers in North America use Switchel. So why not combine these two great continental cultural drinks? This is Up Mountain Yerba Maté Switchel.

"The spicy cool, crisp, clean, thirst quenching taste of Up Mountain Switchel blanketed by the soothing, leafy, invigorating Yerba Mate keeps me wide-eyed and focused thru the whole day! So whether it's concentrating on restoring fragile, century-old Tiffany windows, or power grinding thru pool coping at a local skatepark, the refreshing taste of Up Mountain Switchel Yerba Mate keeps my mind and body energized and it is such a welcome, much needed, super healthy alternative to all these refined sugar dosed sports drinks!! I take pride and look forward to every Reservation skate trip I take to turn on the Native youth to Up Mountain Switchel's great taste and good healthy vibes!!! Together, stronger, healthier! ... feel like I’m doing a good thing for myself every time I open a bottle!" 

– Jim Murphy, pro skater, founder of Woundedknee Skateboards
   Co-Founder of Stronghold Society & Skate Editor for JUICE Magazine