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Up Mountain Switchel

Original Switchel 16oz

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Our ginger root is brewed fresh and in large quantities unlike most beverages with ginger out there. Fresh ginger root is one of the strongest natural inflammatory and analgesics in the world. Apple cider vinegar has a long list of benefits including effectively lowering pH, which makes your body run optimally! Sugar content is derived solely from unrefined, mineral rich, low-glycemic maple syrup. These are healthy sugars that an active body needs!

"Original Up Mountain Switchel (or O.G. as we call it), is where it all started. For us ,the OG flavor and functionality inspired a journey. A call to adventure and the supernatural aid to get us through it all. A company built, jobs provided, conventional ideas challenged. It’s inspiring. It's bold. And it's real. There are things that are durable and stand the test of time. Fundamentally good products. Things that are built simply are built elegantly. OG has four pure ingredients. Always has. Always will. 4 ingredients 200 years ago, 4 ingredients today. All we did was swap ground ginger for fresh ginger, cuz who wouldn't!? We have access to it and farmers before us didn’t. A lot of minds and palates went into creating our recipe. The Farmer's Market allowed us the virtue of genuine and continual feedback from generational farmers, little kids, incredible chefs, foreigners visiting the beautiful state of VT, musicians seeking to soothe their throats, hungover party animals, athletes who biked 90 miles to get there, and all kinds people who just knew the benefits of a daily apple cider vinegar routine. After every market we would tweak our recipe according the feedback we got from our customers. 6 months later, we had an award-winning recipe and bottled it for each of you! Maple syrup is the most expensive sweetener in the world, but it also the best tasting and the healthiest. So it’s worth it! Up Mountain Switchel has always been refreshing, and always been OG! Enjoy however you love it. Drink it, mix it, heat it. It's our job to make it, not tell you how to use it! This is switchel. Enjoy and enjoy often! Cheers to your health and vitality."

– Ely & Garrett, Co-founders of Up Mountain Switchel

Ely & Garret