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Up Mountain Switchel

Lemon Switchel 16oz

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Fresh ginger root, raw organic apple cider vinegar, and a touch of Vermont maple syrup make Switchel a unique and powerful drink with fresh lemon adding a refreshing twist! We first developed our Lemon Switchel when we launched Up Mountain at our local farmer’s market. We would serve our switchel with a fresh twist of lemon. People loved it so much that Up Mountain Lemon Switchel was born!

"Up Mountain's Lemon Switchel is the perfect beverage to pop when you’re exerting hard! The cool crisp, tangy flavor provides a nice refreshing boost that cuts deep to quench my thirst. Whether I'm climbing Bear Mountain or playing a few games of hoops on the hot city asphalt, nourishing my body with Lemon Switchel always re-calibrates my mind and body so I am able to reach my peak performance. For me it’s also the best and healthiest way to start my day. I'll heat it up in the winter for a little morning tea." 

– Wali Abdul-Wahid

Wali was born and raised in NYC. Both his biological, and later adopted father, were/are chefs. His life experiences formed his 3 main loves, good food, basketball, and mentoring youth. While attending Bard College, he was a two-time Division III All-American and now teaches American History and coaches the varsity basketball at a public high school in lower Manhattan. When he’s not working, you can find Wali experimenting in the kitchen of his home in Brooklyn or playing ball on the streets of New York!