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Up Mountain Switchel

Swizzle 12oz can

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We took our award-winning original switchel recipe and carbonated it to create the perfect anytime beverage: The Original Swizzle. Boasting only 4 pure, organic ingredients: Water, Organic 100% Grade A Maple Syrup, Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Fresh Ginger Root and no added preservatives, the Original Swizzle is a true farm-to-bottle heritage beverage. As a heritage name for switchel, “Swizzle” further upholds the company’s roots and celebrates its history as the original American Heritage Beverage.

"I crush these cans! First thing in the morning there is nothing like it to quench my thirst and light me up! The tingly bubbles, high spice, light sweet tang... and in a can!?!?!- That makes it easy for me to bring on the road and throw in my bag when I head out to the worksite or the mountain so I can keep it going all day. I'm a working man, and switchel has always been a working man's drink. That and beer! Sometimes I even mix ‘em together!” 

– Jason Frazier

Jason Frazier grew up in Oak View California a small town between Ojai and Ventura.He's a man of many talents...photographer, artist, designer, fly fisherman, and so much more. He's a great friend to many and has been into making things with his hands since he was born. If somethings broke he fixes it. One of the best campfire story tellers of all time. Won't go to sleep till everyone is in bed. Loves to make people crack up. And is always there for a friend.  That's why we love him. Jason makes his own flys and love goin to the high sierras to test em out. Harmonica jamming music lovin good time havin Frazier.